Mentor students to develop skills required to be successful in life

To successfully face the rigorous higher education coursework, career challenges and a globally competitive workforce, our students must not only master the core academic subject knowledge but also be able to:

  • think critically and solve problems.
  • innovate and be creative.
  • communicate effectively and collaborate with others.

In addition, they also need to develop life and career skills so that they are:

  • flexible and can easily adapt to change.
  • self-directed learners and can work independently.
  • able to set goals and manage resources to achieve them.
  • responsible and can lead others.

We at Kindle Education help students develop these skills so that they are ready and confident to face the challenges awaiting them. 


Impact of fusing the 3Rs  (Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic) and
4Cs (Critical thinking and problem solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity and Innovation)