Center for Excellence

Involve Students


Our Center for Excellence nurtures today's Young Achievers with the objective of helping them become tomorrow's Leaders. The objectives of the Center are:

  • Help students master the core academic subject knowledge (in science and mathematics) with special focus on developing critical thinking and problem solving skills so that they are able to apply the concepts that they learn.
  • Provides an environment to like minded students to explore, ask questions and learn through discussions, hands on activities and experiments.
  • Teach students to manage their time, plan their study and become independent learners.
  • Develop life and career skills which are more important for success in life than mastering the academic subject knowledge.
  • Provide students with an opportunity to explore their liking for arts, science or commerce.

Fees: There is no formal fee for joining the Center for Excellence. Parents/Ex-students are free to donate whatever amount they want. Your donation will help us expand this initiative and benefit more students.